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December 01 2023

"Green Hell" obeyed the Ukrainian!


On Saturday, July 8, the fifth stage of the NLS series took place on the Nürgburgring track, where the Ukrainian driver Ivan Peklin won the V5 class on a Porsche Cayman! The NLS is a series of races consisting of six 4-hour and three 6-hour races, and takes place exclusively on the "Northern Loop" of the Nürgburgring. The Northern Loop is 25.7 kilometers long and is considered the most difficult ring road in the world, which is why it is also known as the "Green Hell".

Endurance races usually involve several drivers driving the same car. These races also differ from the usual sprints in the number of pit stops, due to the much longer race distance and the amount of fuel and tires required. This time, Ivan's crew consisted of four pilots who replaced each other during the 6-hour race.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian's opponents have much more experience at the "Green Hell", this did not prevent Ivan from being the fastest in qualifying in his class and taking the pole position. Pecklin started first among his crew and was able to pull away significantly from the nearest opponent. This gap helped Ivan's teammates not to lose their position, to move even further and confidently win this race!

We wish success to the Ukrainian pilot and hope for further victories of Ukraine in motorsport and beyond!